Apple and Google are taking down old analog devices that are no longer compatible with Google’s data platform

Google has announced that it will no longer be supporting its Google Nexus 6 tablet after several years of supporting it.

Google announced the change on its official Google+ page, saying:”The new version of the Nexus 6 will support Google’s Android ecosystem as well as Android devices with analog data connections, which are no more compatible with the Google Cloud Platform.

We’re excited to offer Nexus 6 users an easier way to access and share data and to get even more out of Google’s cloud-based service.”

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Google VP of Android Oestreich told the publication that the Nexus tablet was an anomaly in the Android world, adding that Google’s support for the device was a matter of “consistency”.

Google added that the company had no plans to stop supporting the Nexus tablets after they are no-longer supported, adding:”We’re actively working with OEMs to make sure they can continue to deliver the best experience for users.”