Oil oil analogy: Oil and gas will have a big impact on jobs

Oil and Gas Minister Eamon Gilmore said that the Government’s energy strategy is designed to help the economy “grow faster and more effectively” than any other sector.

He said the Government will “make it clear that we’re going to invest in our infrastructure” and will “continue to work with the private sector to create new jobs”.

In a speech in Galway on Monday, Mr Gilmore said the economic impact of the Government “will be significant” but there will also be “jobs that will be created that will pay decent wages”.

He said that it is important for the Government to ensure that the economy is “building a new generation of people”.

The Minister said that there will be “huge economic benefits” for the country “if we have more people in the workforce”.

The Government has been heavily criticised for its reliance on the construction industry in recent years.

Mr Gilmore has previously said that “every single one of our roads, bridges and ports will be built to last a generation”.

He also said that in the “long term, the Government has a responsibility to build more roads and bridges” and to ensure “we don’t have a problem of not building enough”.

“We’ve got to get our infrastructure up to the quality we expect and the level of services that people expect,” he said.

The Minister has also recently announced that the State will be funding new roads and other projects, such as the GardaSíochána project.

“Our Government will not take a cut from any government project, including the Gardasío, but we are investing billions of pounds in our roads and our Gardas services,” Mr Gilmore added.

A State Budget will be released on Monday.

The State Government has previously committed to a 1.6 per cent cut to corporation tax.